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Life often distracts us with non-existent shadows that we fight against. Through our thoughts and words, we give them life, and anxiety (fear) distorts their importance in our today’s and tomorrows.

Be anxious for nothing, says the Lord, but in everything pray and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4: 6-7).

Seasoned believers have mastered this scripture. Some know this scripture as knowledge, but have yet to fully experience its reality. However, for those who are new to understanding the ways of the Lord, this is how things are done in the real world.

The real world is the Lord’s world, so if you’re following the news and world events, you’re in the wrong reality. The Kingdom of God is a place where life is good and pleasing, surrounded in peace. You may ask, how did you manage to gain access to the kingdom of God? I abandoned everything and followed God to His dwelling.

He provided me with a car and only the items I would need for the journey ahead.

The Lord did not communicate to me about the direction I should take on this journey. It is about venturing into the unknown, knowing that if you say yes to the Lord, He will be by your side all the way. Every day, I would start the car and decide whether to go left or right. It took me until the fortieth day to realize that my path had been leading me to a place to sleep every day and I was going in a direction every day. It was then that I found myself in the midst of God’s Day. Like a portal in the atmosphere opening before me, I stepped into His Kingdom, leaving the day of man behind.

Over the course of the next twelve years, I slept next to Australian rivers and under trees, in pursuit of eliminating fear and any hindrances that would impede my ultimate objective of becoming holy, just as He is holy. My faith evolved into an unwavering force that could move mountains, and my trust in Him was restored. My grandson says you must have a fear? I say there is only one that we should fear and that’s the Lord! What can man do to me? Man tried but failed at every turn. God can love you with His whole hand or wipe you out with one finger. Any fear I had of man was dissolved. Many stories I have stored from this journey, which I would love to share one day. If I had a complete understanding of the sacrifices needed to become holy, would I still opt to follow the Lord? YES, is my answer, all day, every day!

 My heavenly advice to you is to front your fears. They are just shadows in the dark, but your mind makes them appear larger than life. But they aren’t life because there is no fear in His Kingdom.

All our help comes from the Lord (Psalm 121:1). Why go anywhere else! Fear cannot be cured by a pill. Only by the Lord who made you.

Love Diane


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