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This page is dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His words of prophecy to the Body of Christ. 

Kenneth Visscher who lives in Canada has become to me a brother in Christ. He was separated and set aside as I was by God, and this became our connection. He is a true prophet of God, not self appointed or appointed by man. His words of prophecy are from Our Lord's own mouth. His writings are beyond religious teaching. 

To see his writings go to


Prophecy Of Instruction To The Body Of Christ 

Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body's sake, which is the church: Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God; [Even] the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what [is] the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily. Col 1:24-29 


The LORD hath done great things for us; [whereof] we are glad. 

Turn again our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south. 

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. 

He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves [with him]. Psalms 126:4-6 




"The body of the Overcomer stood upon the earth yet inside them was a second body identical to the body that stood, it was a spiritual body inside a physical body. The spiritual body was free to move and to act and to motion about as though it were separate from the physical body but in fact the spiritual body was still confined to the context and size of the physical body. As such then, the spiritual body was subject to and in bondage to the physical body in such a way that it was always hidden inside the flesh nature of the Overcomer. But I looked and saw a very unique thing happen for the physical body stood still but the spiritual body continued to move and the head of the spiritual body turned to behold the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ which also abode with the spiritual body inside the confines of the physical body. This turning of the spiritual body's head was the turning point of the change necessary for judgment to end in the life of the Overcomer. It is not something we "do", it is something we "become". We become LIKE Jesus by seeing Him in truth in the center of our lives as He reveals Himself there. This then is the final place that faith brought the Overcomer to, that place wherein their walk was completed and they entered the state of rest and peace from their trials in the world of men." 

{End Vision} 


{PROPHECY} "Hear my words that I would speak unto you my people, for it is I, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, even the Lord Jesus Christ which would give you instruction and counsel from my mind to yours so that you may know how you are to walk in these last days. It is the time of peace and rest my people for that which was desired of me by judgment has been accomplished and I do see fully the need for you to walk in the spirit and not to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. My atonement was given so that you would have all you need of my life to walk by the spirit on a continual basis yet I tempered that promise of my atonement with your acts of obedience to my word so that you would not only verify my word that you are my disciples but that you would allow your lives to be brought forth into victory through obedient acts to my word.  


As you obeyed my word to the best of your ability I did spend the years of your life judging between soul and spirit in you and I say unto you that this judgment is complete. Now is the time wherein your peace will come to you and nothing in any wise shall cause you trouble any longer albeit you are still bearing the armor of the spirit in the stance of war due to the many onslaughts that would still come against you by enemy spirits which do not accept that you are called and chosen to bind them and to set them aside out of the earth and to bind Satan into the bottomless pit. 


My purpose is to bring the power of my resurrection through you unto all Nations, that through you my life would flow unlimited in liberty and in resurrection power. Peace to you my people, not as the world gives peace, but peace from my spirit within the very core of your soul abiding there forever for the time for this peace has come. Also remain armoured. Know that the armour is not past because I bring now this peace.  


How then shall this peace come? It shall come by a simple turning in your faith from looking one direction, to turning and looking in another direction entirely. It is then that you will behold me in righteousness just as the disciples turned to see me speak to them so you will turn to see me speak unto you. Be not afraid of this day you are in for it is the day of finalization and of the ending of the judgment of they that overcome. As you begin to see me judge the world with men in their pride, know it is me and that I will cause all that is in the earth to come unto me in verity and in judgment.  


What then are you to do and how then are you to walk? Continue to have faith alone unto me and I will begin now to cause your hearts to be purified by the same fire I did judge you with and will fill you up with this fire making you into flaming brands of fire. You will then be full of my presence and that is the peace which will never leave you. As you accept by a simple act of faith to allow your lives to be brought into this purity which is the end of your judgment, this peace will I bring. For you it is the beginning of your life in the world which I will restore. Hold fast my people, for I am coming with this reward and it is not many days hence.  


I AM The Lord Jesus Christ 

I AM The Lord" 

to your new future

1st Vision.

"I saw that prior to the manifestation of the sons of God that evil, sin, woe, deceptions and delusions of every sort as well as the good things, the pure things the wondrous things in this world, all were removed by a simple motion of God's spirit. This was world wide, every nation was enveloped in this motion including nations long since extinct which laid in the dust of the earth. All of the realm of mankind had this removed from them in a moment of time by the working of God's spirit in an instantaneous event. Then the manifestation of the sons of God happened and they emerged in new eternal bodies. They took the nations and mankind into the school house of learning but not just that, this also marked the beginning of the age of peace and the millennial reign of Christ.


I saw that the history of the world was rife with man doing evil upon man. And many were hurt and harmed by the murderous nature of evil men. Many lives were sorely destroyed by the harmful iniquity of both individual criminals and national criminals which came of entire nations. When the Lord removed the evil with this one stroke of His power all that was negative this way in hateful evil and in causing harm to others was healed. The perpetrators of the various evils were brought into the school house of learning. The ones hurt by them, some were also brought into the school house of learning while others were glorified.

Either way, the evil of it all ceased to exist. "

End Vision


2nd Vision.

"Saw the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in full fruit and leaf. Coming up in the center of the trunk of this tree came a hot fire. Then from above the Lord simply took away the life of the tree ending the tree. It withered up and turned to dust, all the leaves and fruits turned to dust. But combined with this dust were ashes from the intense fire burning within the tree."

End Vision


3rd Vision.

"Saw other trees of the garden also wither and dry up making way for a new earth and a new age that is to dawn which will not have evil within it. I saw the millennial age of Christ with no good or evil but just the world of man filled with the spirit of the Father without measure teaching and drawing up all nations into His fullness. The principle of sinful flesh was not found anymore."

End Vision


I have said previously that the Lord when manifesting His sons and daughters and glorifying them, that at the very same time this happens, the Father will speak to the billions in the earth to seek out these manifest sons and daughters of God. These prophecies I have already shared. But the visions in these notes are GREATER than that! These notes SHOW A FURTHER WORK. They show the total end of sin, iniquity, woe and death. This will happen to the residents of the world at the time this manifestation takes place. The removal of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a paramount key prophecy. The garden of eden cleansed! The way of the tree of life manifest! I only shared 3 of the 12 visions in the notes. In some of the other visions I saw a vessel beside the Throne of God with Jesus at His right hand. This vessel was infinite, never ending and it was filled with the blood of Jesus. There was NO END or NO LIMIT to the volume of blood in the vessel. And that vessel was poured out on the earth and it covered all nations alive now as well as all the extinct nations which lay in the dust of the earth. Death and woe ELIMINATED. FULL REDEMPTION.


In this present time of world conflict and distress of nations, here is how the Lord is going to deal with ALL of it. Not by getting filled with fury and casting the nations into the flames of hades, but instead a work based on the death and resurrection of Christ. The Lord will answer all the lies and tumult and wars WITH AN ANSWER OF PEACE. He will simple remove the fall of Adam, the sin in humanity, the iniquity in individual hearts and the waywardness of nations yet unregenerated. God's answer will be to remove the iniquitous source. That is a further advancement from having the billions of the earth seek out the sons and daughters to learn from them. When the nations do that seeking out, SIN WILL NOT BE FOUND IN THEM AT ALL. The entire time of sin WILL BE AT AN END. So my prophecy today is that very thing. The Lord will turn to this world a pure language that all may serve Him with one consent. We literally will see this happen. 


May God grant you grace to receive these words. 

In Christ

Kenneth B Visscher  

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            Let Your FIRE FALL !!



                                                                 Kenneth Visscher



1: The church you see in the book of Acts IS OVER. The 5-fold ministry IS OVER. Both cease to exist. If you see them existing, it is merely religious effort. There is nothing left for us in the order that was. We now move into the next phase, THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. The Kingdom of God. 

2: The fire will be called down from heaven to consume the world of men, shortly. This world will melt with a fervent heat and all the elements will be dissolved. This has only one purpose. To shorten the time. Jesus said He would do a quick work in the earth. 

                                                    Other Prophecies from Kenneth Visscher  

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