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Climbing the mountain of holiness requires a great effort to leave worldly things behind. It is not for the fainthearted. The process of overcoming is about transcending your sinful nature to become holy, as our Heavenly Father is holy. As you ascend, you'll notice that very few have truly reached the summit of purity within their souls. Along the way, some sought refuge in caves or grew content with their situation. Some individuals joined religious groups to find a sense of security within the walls. Meanwhile, others chose to ignore the call completely.

It was a call for me to keep pushing forward until I reached the summit. I abandoned all that I treasured to allow the Lord to take possession. Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice wholly and pleasing (Romans 12:1). Follow me, says the Lord, by giving up everything. That was my action!


I've asked numerous individuals about their identity in Christ, but few respond because they struggle to see themselves as Christ intended. Their usual response is a doing word, rather than a being word. If you were to ask me who I am, I could only answer with” I am the bride of Christ”. The idea of being the bride is about presenting my complete self, including my body, to the Lord for His ascension. To be like Him has always been my one and only desire. The dreams I possess are the dreams that belong to Him.

Kenneth Visscher's words detail the prophet's vision for the unfolding of what the Lord has guided me to: the pinnacle of my soul.


                                 Kenneth Visscher



There have been several people telling me of experiences they are having of the words to them about the change that is about to happen. I would remind those who read at my overcomers site that it has been over 50 years since the Lord told me I would live to see this day. The day surely is that much closer. 


What came this morning was the mechanics or the ways and means by which these mortal bodies will be changed into immortal bodies. Two things will happen. Both of these things will take less than one hundred of a second to happen unto you. 


First, suddenly, you will "think" with your mind but in a change. There will be no more pull to think defensively to protect the carnal nature. Instead, you will find the Lord's thoughts in your mind and what is really awesome is your actual thoughts will also be in the Lord's mind at the very same time! So as you think, He will think. As He thinks, you will think! Our thoughts and His thoughts will be immediately melded as one. 


Second. The blood in your body WILL BE GONE. Your blood you were born with WILL BE NO MORE. Instead you will have poured in through your pineal gland THE UNMEASURABLE BLOOD OF THE COVENANT, THE BLOOD OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. His blood will be the only blood in your arteries and veins and your heart will still be pumping (albeit eternally) the blood of this everlasting covenant. In other words, you will be a totally complete new creation. One time, possibly twice in the past the Lord showed me a large vessel beside the Throne in Heaven, this vessel was filled with the blood of Christ. The supply of blood there HAD NO END. IT WAS AN ETERNAL FLOW. It flowed down, coursing down unto the earth and it totally covered the entire world of man. Then it flowed UP and entirely filled the cosmos. This blood was UNMEASURED. This blood will begin flowing in your physical arteries and veins in less than one one hundred of a second in time. That is how fast this will be. 




Kenneth B Visscher


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