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Who we are!

  To walk the walk and talk the talk is the art of being human. Life’s meaning was always under our noses, but we got distracted by the narrative of the world. God, the Father of heaven and earth and Our Lord Jesus Christ has been the focus in Diane's life. She gave away her career as an Acting Agency and photographer to explore life beyond what society had thrust upon her. This journey had her step down from all that seemed precious in her eyes. It turns out there is life beyond the realm and that life gave her peace, joy and happiness beyond what she had experienced in the world.

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Diane Cordaire

Our Freedom brings your freedom!


 Problems live within every human. These problems often keep us in patterns and stop us from reaching the fullness of who we are. Our job is to recognise where the interference in your life has come from and set you FREE. Our gifts are wisdom, discernment, healing, words of knowledge, prophetic utterance, and prayer. We recognize the hindrances and use prayer to release the old patterns, allowing new horizons to take shape in your life.

Dreams do come true!

 Dreams are in all of us! But not all those dreams come to the surface. Ingredients needed for dreams are perseverance, long-suffering and endurance. We can help get those dreams to the surface. And plant them into reality.   

 Dreams need direction and clarity. That's where we can HELP!

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