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Being Human isn't PERSONAL

When Jesus Christ was crucified, He didn’t take it as a personal offense. Jesus’s sacrifice held eternal significance, which He could perceive. Upon Adam and Eve consuming the forbidden fruit in the garden, God questioned, “What have you done? They felt personally attacked because they had exposed their soul to death. They had changed their positions within the garden/soul and were now standing in a tree known as the ‘tree of good and evil’.

The reason why many individuals take things personally is that they perceive their life as their own. They haven’t come back all the way into the tree of life. Our life is not ours; it is a misconception perpetuated by our corruptible ‘free will’. Our life was purchased and redeemed by the man who didn’t take it personally.

When life corrects you, it signifies the God of life's intent to propel you forward. The more we accept corrections, the more we uncover life’s mysteries of Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

I used to believe that rejection was the first response to temptation in the garden. Yet, today I view it as disrespect and disregard for the Lord who brought all of us onto earth. Adam and Eve showed disrespect and disregard for the Lord’s instructions. Rejection swiftly followed.

I recently became aware of a lack of disregard and disrespect in my life. This motivated me to repent and reconcile the divide caused by my ancestors, Adam and Eve. If you experience feelings of disrespect or disregard in your life, it may be helpful to explore the soul connections linked to the tree of “good and evil” which is the breach passed down from Adam and Eve.

Being human isn’t personal, it’s eternal!



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