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The Narrow Path

Updated: Mar 21

Overcoming oneself is the process of becoming one’s true self. Allow me to guide you down that Narrow Path.

1: Born Again: Represents a life-altering realization that Jesus Christ is alive. Discovering the existence of Jesus Christ and falling in love is the journey. Everyone in the book of life has a designated date when the Lord’s salvation will come upon them. When Jesus went to the cross, He proclaimed, “It is finished”. This indicates that every human being on the planet has been redeemed and will experience this life altering moment. Brace yourself, as I’m about to disrupt the beliefs of individuals who categorize people as “Saved and Unsaved”. Because Jesus’ vision is that “No man should perish,” He doesn’t view us in categories, “Saved or Unsaved”. Let’s embrace His vision and make it ours. It is significant to declare the salvation of those who have not been born again, as that is how the Lord regards them. By labelling someone as “unsaved,” you are unfairly judging them and condemning them to death.

In earlier times, churches would deploy their parishioners to save individuals. Saving others is not part of our responsibility. Our task is to love people just the way they are. Forcefully imposing your beliefs using a bible and scriptures only pushes people away. Salvation is attainable for every individual through the power of the holy spirit and love. The Lord draws all men to Himself. We interact with those individuals daily wherever we are situated. We are instructed by the Lord to disciple people. The mission of sharing the word of God worldwide has been completed. We are thankful for the twelve disciples and the many missionaries who followed in their footsteps.

2: Once I encountered the Lord, I immediately sought to understand His teachings. Notice it was after I met Him, it wasn’t before I had my Born-Again moment. It’s essential to comprehend God’s thought process, and the Bible has the power to transform your thinking. When we first meet Him, it’s acceptable to pray in our own words. Nevertheless, as we progress in His teachings, His word ought to be permanently imprinted in our hearts and minds. Nowadays, when I pray, I speak His words back to Him, knowing they won’t return void. As I followed Christ, that word began to have a significant impact on my external world.

Noticed, I said followed Christ. A lot of people are reborn or have a revelation, but don’t make use of that experience. Some individuals find a safe haven where they feel connected or comfortable and do some good works. The name ‘Christ’ does not refer to a group of people. Christ is beyond the limits of human organizations. I will cover that in step four.

3. Deliverance and healing is a big process because we carry hereditary baggage that needs to be understood in the spirit realm. It is crucial for us to be healed from the events that have affected us in this lifetime. The sins of the fathers go back ten generations. To be able to loosen or release these sins from your family line, you need to learn the Lord’s ways. Spiritual warfare, fasting, and prayer are crucial in that context.

4: Following the Lord is different from knowing the Lord or knowing His word. When the rich man went to Jesus and said how do I enter the Kingdom of heaven, Jesus replied, “give up all and follow me”. There are few people who do this process. It’s the narrow road the Lord speaks of, and few are on it. I know I took this road, and few were there.

5: Overcoming every thought that has set itself above the Lord. On this narrow path, you will be challenged to lay down all your thoughts. The first book I wrote “How I overcame my own life” was sitting under trees and on rivers pulling out all my thoughts to see if I got them from society, education, hereditary or myself. I replaced every thought with His thoughts. That process gives a result of no battles in the mind anymore. You become FREE to be who you were born to be. With peace of mind!

6: At some stage after all is done, you come to the end of yourself. Meaning all the idols, hereditary sins, thoughts, pride that had set itself up against God. You become FREE to be who you were born to be. This is when we become useful in allowing His Kingdom to enter the Earth.

7: His Kingdom will be brought to the earth by the people who have overcome. This is where we are at in time, NOW. We are on the brink of seeing HIS KINGDOM emerge.

The old is passing away, and the new is coming!

7 stages represent completion or perfection!

To go through the stages is the journey of an overcomer. To him who overcomes I will give the privilege of sitting down with Me on My throne, as I have overcome and sat down with My Father on His throne. (Revelation 3:21).

The books I have written on gives you the tools to overcome. I wrote them to save you ten years of thinking about “How To get to the end of yourself”.

Retreats are on the horizon, designed to help you grow and connect with like-minded individuals on your journey. Expert word teachers will be available to teach the word of God and I will be available to walk you through your thoughts, hereditary sins and the ultimate to “SET YOU FREE”.





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