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The World Within

The original story for mankind was already written by God before the fall of man. Our inability to live this original story is a result of the tormented fallen nature of the humans inhabiting this planet since the beginning of time, including ourselves.

As co-heirs with Christ, our responsibility is to obtain the original narrative and enact it to transform this fallen world. By returning to our origins in numbers, we can transform the world and reclaim what has been stolen since the dawn of time. As a result, this group will initiate the thousand-year reign. The first fruits of Christ!

We observe numerous instances in history where people, after receiving a communication from God, shared it through their imperfect human nature, including me. Intellectual understandings alone have limited power. Envision a situation in which individuals go through a total metamorphosis, transcending their sinful nature and earthly mind and bodies. In this scenario, we would see the extraordinary power of Christ as he dismantles barriers and grants freedom to people on earth. The earthly presence of Jesus Christ demonstrated the strength of this divine power. This same Christ lives in us by the name Holy Spirit. If we would go inward to the Holy Spirit and ask before we go to our limited understandings, we would get a different result.


We will be raised through the spirit to have bodies as the Son, GLORIFIED. The body is not meant for sexual immorality or fleshly desires but was always for the Lord’s expressions. This promise is for those who have returned to ‘His perfect will’, standing ready for the transformation of our earthly bodies. The resurrection of Christ and our resurrection are one and the same. We have three bodies living within us, the dead body, the resurrected body, and the glorified body. Scripture brings it home by saying the kingdom of God is where our citizenship is held. Not in earthen vessels or the world of man!

Beyond our opinion’s, judgements, self-assessment, personalities, image, and mortal bodies we will judge angels and the world affairs with a new government appointed by our Lord Jesus Christ as head. We are the saints of God.

A HOLY PRIESTHOOD! Thanks to Christ on this day.

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