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Lift up your heads O you gates!

Recently, I was walking around a shopping Centre. The atmosphere was eerie, with people moving about like the dead walking in a tomb. Everyone appeared grey and had their heads lowered towards the ground. They had no interest in exploring new possibilities or life; their priority was simply getting through each day’s responsibilities.

Picture the grains of sand worldwide as isolated worlds within themselves. Everyone within these worlds is busy with their own affairs and unwilling to incorporate anything new into their lives. It’s uncommon for them to invite others into their already functioning world. I call it religious routine.

God says, lift up your heads, O gates! Be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of Glory may enter in! (Psalm 24:9)

 Changing our perspective from down to up would produce a different outcome.

The moment I receive a new revelation from the Lord, it’s like Christ assumes His rightful place on the throne within the temple of my body. The higher I raise my head, the more He enters.


Another example: There is growing awareness that Christianity is under assault. The name Christian became an idol, so God is taking action.  Let me explain!

There is nothing wrong with the individuals inside the walls of Christianity, but they are under a delusion that you need to call yourself a Christian and be in a building that they call church.

I used to say which wasn’t received by the people in that society that I don’t see Christ as a title called Christian. I see Him as the Christ coming into me every time I overcome another part of my fallen nature. I said the purpose of Christ coming was to show us how to be more “Christ like” not to call myself a Christian and come inside some walls.  

Christianity became an idol and idols puts division between God and the rest of society. The trouble with this statement is those who have taken the name of Christian on can’t separate themselves from the name. The name Christian became higher than the Christ, hence the idol is the name.

God’s love extends to all people, irrespective of their name or titles. Some people prepared by the Lord are found within Christianity, but many more are found outside of the name. I am one of those people.

The name Christian resulted in division rather than unity, whereas God embodies unity. It became clear to me that God’s love is inclusive of all people, not just a select group who claim to be Christians. It is the Lord’s hand, not the devil, that is causing the shaking of that society. Despite this, they are fighting to uphold their identity. But identity needs to die so the Lord’s identity can shine forth.

Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:10).

The verse includes all of humanity, not only those in a named building. The Christians advocated for going beyond the walls, but they themselves never ventured beyond their name.

According to my friend, she describes the community as an exclusive society to those who take on the name Christian. That is not how God thinks at all.

Lord, let the idols fall!

By studying these situations, we uncover that life is restricted to the story. According to my friend, the story is unnecessary, but I believe the story is necessary and helps us look up into the eyes of our Lord. If the story wasn’t necessary, why would God have written every day in the book of life.

See the story for humanity from God’s perspective, not just your own story. With that view you will break open your sealed world of sand or your tomb of routine. Life beyond awaits those who have identified with the name Christian.

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