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Inside Out Upside down

Inside out and upside down! 

Adam and Eve would have experienced profound sadness upon eating the forbidden fruit. Alongside that intense sorrow, death made its entrance. I believed that a straightforward act of repentance would restore them to God’s righteousness and holiness, but they never chose to repent. Both Adam and the woman walked away in shame, pointing fingers at God. They were banished from the garden.

 Since that day, we carry a garden within us while facing death and carnality in our physical bodies. It’s inside out!

I recently experienced that same feeling of sadness when I realized nothing is as it appears. Neither the natural realm nor its offerings can fulfill me. Observing the Lord’s significance and reality made me recognize my own insignificance as a human. Even as I convey divine words, my mortal body renders them slightly less effective. That’s when you realize you’ve reached the limits of your mortal existence. Despite these human bodies, we venture into the world daily, pretending it has transformed since yesterday, anticipating a magnificent culmination that never materializes.

In the depths of the human soul, there is a passageway waiting to be explored. Visit to read my friend, Kenneth Visscher’s writing on the Reuben Gate in the New Jerusalem. This piece of writing exhibits the characteristics of a portal or gateway that emerges at the conclusion of the process of conquering the human mind and body. Overcoming involves moving from death to living life to the fullest. The thief comes to steal, rob and destroy. I came so that you might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly (John 10: 10).

Throughout the years, I’ve heard religion repeat this verse, as if simply confessing the scripture would bring them a life of abundance. God doesn’t function in that manner! The fulfillment of that scripture occurs when you emerge from death and return to your original state. God resides within you, and you live within Him.

Is repentance the sole pathway back to the porthole of our soul? Re-entering the garden is a journey of many repentances that unveils the garden externally and removes the visibility of the human exterior. It is at that point that we become the Sons of God, walking on earth with a glorified body.

Not long ago, the Lord communicated to me and affirmed that I had understood His vision for the earth. We spend years seeking our purpose and vision, but I prayed to the Lord to guide me to His vision and plan. The Lord’s vision took priority over my own plans. Society encourages us to create a 5–10-year vision and pursue it. Connect with God today and inquire about His desires for your life. I can assure you it won’t be anything like your 5–10-year plan.

The purpose of life is for humans to overcome their sinful selves and return to a state of divine holiness.

Be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48)


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