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Perception & Reflection

God created the world by speaking what He desired to see. Everything in His mind came to be through His spoken word. That’s quite the projection! The words that come out of your mouth reflect your thoughts in your mind. Your words are of no lesser significance when spoken compared to God’s words, for you are formed in His image and likeness. Believe it or not, he lives inside of you.

People have exercised their free will to assert ownership of their bodies and appearance. Consider the possibility that I’m saying it belongs to someone else (God). Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing- this is your true and proper worship (Romans 12:1). Your body is the slice of heaven on earth. Eden lives within you!

Media has played a role in making women conscious of their appearance across centuries. If you don’t meet the criteria of being the right size, shape, and having a wrinkle-free face, you’re not playing their game correctly. Honestly, that’s a bunch of nonsense.

Our age, face, or body doesn’t define us. The dwelling place of the holy spirit is within our physical temple, our body. Your spirit and God’s spirit are the same. God and you are not separate entities. Your gifts and talents are exclusive to your presence in this world.

Get ready, because this is the moment of truth! In your eyes, who are you? When you gaze into the mirror, do you see an older or middle-aged overweight person with wrinkles, or do you see the reflection of God?

In my life, I’ve only witnessed one man who truly reflects the image of God. It felt as if I was gazing upon the likeness of Jesus Christ Himself. That’s the natural state for each one of us. When Christ’s glory shines on earth, people see Him rather than you.

The “Narrow Path” is where you can find the place of reflection. The shadow of your image and titles obscured His reflection. Taking away pride of image is an important aspect of humbling oneself.

A lot of individuals construct their identity based on appearances and titles. The upcoming move of God won’t elevate the image of any man or woman. The image that people will see is that of God.

On earth, we serve as a reflection of Him. That’s why I’ve decided to name my next book:

                                       The Second Coming of Christ

                                              Man, Fully ALIVE


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