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Heavens PLAN

The world has been eagerly anticipating the moment when our Lord God will put an end to the sinful nature of mankind. Our home, the Earth, has been corrupted and diminished from the original divine conception for mankind from our God. Our quest has been to reclaim all that was initially bestowed upon us by the Majesty of our Lord in the original garden of our creation.

The journey of overcoming led us out of our own sea of tribulation and sinful nature, preparing us for His coming. The full extent of Christ’s resurrection on earth has yet to be witnessed in two thousand years. Most of the time, we witness the good works of men. During the course of two thousand years, God had a plan unfolding as humanity’s fallen thinking played out. God’s plan had a reserved people ready to be transformed into His image. He called them the Sons of God, the initial first fruit of Christ on the earth. The Sons’ purpose is to lead all men to the Father by means of Jesus Christ. Some might argue that the church of man has already been doing that, right? They sought to introduce people to their religions by understanding their purpose. Due to being mingled by human thoughts, it was not pure and will eventually cease to exist.

The transformation into the glory of our Lord’s image on earth as in heaven carries the new Heaven and the New Earth within us all. Our heaven has always resided in our minds, while our earth has been our physical form. The ground we call earth will not be taken away by the Lord. Our words are metaphorical in nature. The earth is ingrained in our bodies as we were made from it.

Being born again is just the first of many steps towards becoming holy, like Him. His righteousness and image will be evident as these Sons of God reveal His glory. The name I give them is the 144,000 or the virgin church, as I’ve heard them referred to. Just as Jesus Christ walked in a resurrected body, so will the Sons of God. An immortal body will replace their mortal bodies through His coming. Corruptible will be transformed into incorruptible!

Going against misleading preaching, they won’t be taken up to heaven in a cloud during the rapture. That’s escapism preaching.

God’s goal with the Sons is to transform the earth, to the new heaven and earth. We are on the brink of this event taking place. The fact that you haven’t been called for the first fruit of Christ doesn’t indicate any missed opportunities. These people were designated for this very moment. Prepare yourself to witness the long-awaited unveiling of the Sons of God in the Father's glory.

The dwelling place of God will be with man! We are His dwelling, and He dwells with us. There is only one dwelling. On earth, we will witness the new heaven and earth, mirroring the original story, restored.

Together, we will live as a united body with a singular purpose: to witness the glory of God through every human being on earth. You can’t find a plan better than that!

The old is passing away, and the new is coming. Behold, I am at the door!


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