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My recent focus has been on examining greatness in humanity.


 Constructing the Great Wall of China required many humble men.

A long time ago, I thought achieving something visible to those around me was the definition of greatness. I believed I was superior to others because of my accomplishments. That was pride!

 Only when I was humbled did I recognize that greatness was in the road builder who paves the way for future generations. Or the unnoticed man building a dog fence in Australia’s outback, making history for the next century. The truck drivers playing a crucial role in delivering supplies from humble farmers, providing us with food. Mothers who dedicate themselves to raising children without rest. The waiters and waitresses who serve us food. The man who empties grease traps and septic tanks who has been the butt of jokes since he first started his job. The businesspeople who tirelessly fight the good fight. Or the women and men who sits in solitude, praying for their nations.

True greatness lies within those humble individuals who don’t dwell on their own greatness, but simply embrace their calling.

Jesus Christ completed the task assigned to Him by the Father. A humble, innocent man who was crucified by those who thought they were better than Him. When we feel superior to others, it’s like crucifying Jesus all over again.

Loving one another is important because we are no different from our neighbors. Our success or knowledge doesn’t make us superior to the person next to us.

The Lord instructs us to be humble, just as He is humble. And to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Love Diane

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