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Beyond the Story

The story of our life is told through the passing years. As we progress, we look through the story, but we are not the story we lived. Jesus Christ’s life told a story, but He wasn’t the story. His story became the testimony for us to glean the way through life. Our story causes us to become more like Him if we have taken the path to follow Him. The Christ within you has taken shape to become the true person you were ordained to be.

Overcoming our sinful nature is the only path to forming Christ in you. It’s about accepting yourself fully and humanity fully, with love. We spend years rejecting ourselves and the surrounding things, but through the process of overcoming, we learn to embrace ourselves and the people we had not loved in the past. When we receive ourselves and others, we are receiving the fullness of Christ in us. When Christ is revealed, the complete manifestation of Him will emerge from our own body. When one embraces their true self fully, Christ liberates us from sin and death. And death was swallowed up in victory (1 Corinthians 15:54). O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory (1 Corinthians 15:55-57)? Then it won’t be Christ in us, it will be us in Christ, the reversal of our confession.

I had a dream! At a table, I anticipated the arrival of Jesus Christ to grace us with His divine presence. There was only one additional woman sitting at the table. I know this lady. She is beautiful on the outside and making her way on the inside. When Jesus came, he directed his attention to her and left the table in her company. I found myself confused and disappointed at the table, questioning where I went wrong. I had come so far waiting for this day to arrive. I then saw it was a counterfeit Jesus who appeared and took her. He wanted to know how much money she had brought for him and what she had done. Because of her abundance, he decided to take her along with him.

I stepped back from the table and walked away. Yet the suspicion of misreading the map lingered in my mind. By “the map,” I’m referring to the directions on how to become one with Christ. I didn’t abandon my efforts, but I ceased my pursuit of what I had witnessed at that table. I observed two types of glorifications: external, which she received, and internal, which I embraced.

The act of being glorified externally is merely imitating what we’ve observed in the past. What is your financial contribution and how can you benefit me? That Jesus Christ is not the real one. Christ’s true essence is found internally, not in the external acts of devotion.  

There is a hope within us, from the depths of our being, that eagerly awaits Christ’s return. When our hope for glory comes to an end, Christ will be revealed as the resurrected body outside ourselves. When Christ was resurrected, His body was transformed into a redeemed state. The corpse disappeared or was consumed, while His redeemed resurrected body stood outside the tomb. Our body is like a temple, where both internal and external glorification occur simultaneously. The Father’s Glory will be outside our tomb (body) while our dead body (tomb) gets engulfed by the same glory within us. This event has been experienced solely by Jesus Christ. He is the first fruits of the Father’s plan. Some have been brought back to life, while others have mysteriously disappeared without dying. Yet this happening will involve Christ’s presence on Earth in glorified human bodies. The first fruits of Christ’s story. But each one in His own order: Christ, the first fruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming (1 Corinthians 15:23).

Those who have said yes to seeing Christ alive again walking the earth make it into His story.

Our earthly story is a blessing from God. Embrace the essence within the human form. Then lay down your body as a living sacrifice wholly and pleasing. This is your true worship (Romans 12:1).

You have the potential to exceed expectations and become more than you imagined. Make sure you’re seated at the correct table.



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