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Be transformed by the renewing of your mind !

Over the years, people have categorized the creator of heaven and earth. Placing Him into religions all over the world.
For the last 30 years, a group of us have been removing titles and divisions between humanity and God.

This has put us in His light!

Now we are able and willing to help others to experience the love of Christ. That same love transpires into freedom to be who you were called to be. 
Without any religious or spiritual names, we call ourselves

"I Am". Because we believe we are who we are.

We are one mob with one God!
1 Mob 1 God
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  • Born Again  
  • Learn God's word
  • Deliverance & Healing
  • Coming out of the world to Follow Him
  • Overcoming every thought 
  • Pride, Idols and heredity sins released
You are here " SET FREE"
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  FREEDOM comes from the inside out !

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