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To walk the walk and talk the talk is the art of being human. Life’s meaning was always under our noses, but we got distracted by the narrative of the world. To enter an additional dimension of understanding is what this book is all about.

This book dives deep into the now and future of the human existence.

This society is ending! Looking into the creator of the universe seeing His perspective gives all the answers. We do not receive because we don’t ask the right questions in life. This book will break you out of your old thinking to explore the mind of Christ.



Editors review: On reading ‘Born to be Holy’ I was drawn to the depth of understanding that has been put forward for all readers. The Book takes you from ‘nominal believing’ to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. If you are looking for a greater walk with the Lord then this book will take you there - Lynn Goldsmith Journalist, Editor, Author.


review: I think this book is for believers who want to go further with their walk and need more encouragement - Joseph Galea

Born To Be Holy

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  • Gloss cover , 104 pages 

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