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The aim of our existence is to move beyond the daily grind and enter into a divine existence. Through our journey of overcoming, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation from rags to riches. We became enriched with faith, peace, wisdom, understanding, forgiveness, and, most importantly, love for our neighbor's and forgiveness for our enemies.  

We lost our sense of pride when God’s hand brought us humility. Nowadays, titles and possessions hold no significance as we embrace each day.

We were taught the significance of being still and understanding that God is God, and we are powerless without Him. Previously, we concealed our weaknesses, but now we openly celebrate them, understanding that they contribute to our growth and strength.

Knowing Him leads to loving Him and loving Him comes from knowing Him.

Our image and identity were lost in order for His image and identity to become visible. His speech replaced ours, and our vision aligns with His. Awake or asleep, our minds are consumed by thoughts of Him.

While we may be anonymous to the world, God knows and acknowledges each of us by name. Ready to serve on Earth, we are the Sons and Daughters of God.

Many were called, but few were chosen (Matthew 22:14).

 Brace yourself, world, because you’re about to experience something extraordinary! The best wine is saved for last by God. Those coming last will come first and those coming first will come last (Matthew 20:16).

As I write this, I have a smile on my face because I know God has made us ready for a time such as this.




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