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Kenneth B Visscher

“Do not be concerned with cause and effect because the window of opportunity is now closed. My arm is extended in judgment against the nations of the world, and no one can stop what I have already set in motion. I have begun to release My wrath says Adonai, the Almighty One. Know this, My people, they who scoff at My Torah and mock My name shall be brought low...........They who think lofty thoughts and prosper by their own strength shall be brought to their knees. Their financial storehouses will be empty and good for nothing, for I will make the silver and gold they trust in as worthless as clay, ground to powder and blown away like dust in the wind. They will know that I am God who gives and who takes away.

Yes My people, you will see a shaking of all you hold dear. All that is familiar will become strange and unfamiliar. You will no longer trust in the system of this world. Your governments will become your enemy as they struggle to maintain power. Don't be deceived by their offer of false security and empty promises for a better tomorrow. They are nothing more than delusions. I am the One who blesses and withholds blessings.There will be great oppression. As people begin to see these things come upon the earth, chaos will erupt. There will be great fear and trembling as the world system crumbles before their eyes. The time of My judgment has come. I am the Righteous Judge. Know the times and seasons, says Adonai, for many will be deceived when they close their ears to My warnings. Separate yourself from the world and cling to Me. Prepare yourselves, My people. This is not a time to build, but a time to pull down. Let go of the things that enslave you. Do not busy yourselves with many things, for this in itself, is a great deception and many will fall because of it. Seek My face as never before. Repent of evil. Turn from it and turn to Me. Come before Me with clean hands and pure hearts. You will have safety in My presence, says the Lord. I am your protection and your provision. But arms will shelter you, but only if you stay in them. Be still before Me. Wait quietly and listen for My voice. Remain in My word and hide it in your inner most being. My words are life to you. Be ready to comfort those in need. Watch the signs that are given, and heed My warnings. Fear not My people, for I am with you always, even unto the end of the Earth. I am Adonai Elohim, and I am coming soon.”

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